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Sea Of Rain“Words dotted blank pages, like rain does the sea, till there were many pages of words and a Sea of Rain”.      

Sea Of Rain is the first book in the “Sea” trilogy.

Sea of Rain,

Sea of Puddles,

Sea of Pools.

Each book is a collection of poems, which, in turn jell with the whole series to give a comprehensive collection of 599 poems. Every poem is numbered in chronological order, reflecting the changing themes that have run through the author’s life during the writing process. Intriguingly, this linier layout effectively charts a literary journey of emotion that has led the author to the poet he is today. Using this method, rather than cherry-picking poems, inevitably puts some early poems at a disadvantage, but the author has resisted removing, or changing content, or order to preserve the integrity of the process and to highlight the development of his writing tastes and skills. Strangely though, some of the perceived “weaker” poems have indeed become reader favourites. The poems are not thematically laid out and the extensive expanding topics come hard and fast. The reader will quickly become accustomed to the “sweet” being equally followed by the “bittersweet”. The collection will delight and entertain with rhyme and freeform in a myriad of versification formats. The poems will also enthral, bewitch, challenge and at times shock, so readers beware:

Author’s introduction:

Sea Of Rain began its life as a sanctuary from the vice-like trinity of work, life and health. The foundations of my writing have been laid down in this, my first book. A need in me to write was growing and would not be denied, like a plant pushes its way through the cracks in a pavement. Each poem has claimed a place in the book and together they have flourished till it’s the path that struggles to survive. Sea Of Rain and its fellow companions are havens for the emotions we have all felt or maybe are about to feel. Go find a poem that relates to you and identifies your own passion.

Kevin Robinson.